Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

The blogger showed the “evolution” of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra from the inside [VIDEO]

After testing the Galaxy S23 Ultra for durability, tech blogger Zach Nelson (Jerry Rig Everything) disassembled the smartphone to assess its internal construction and the difficulty of repair. He stumbled upon one of the features of the gadget almost immediately – and said that he had been waiting for this from Samsung for eight years.

There are no electronic components on the inside of the back cover, so dismantling it turned out to be simple: Nelson heated the edges of the panel with a hairdryer and tested them with a clerical knife. However, after that, the blogger almost made a $200 mistake — one of the cables was hidden behind a wireless charging coil. If you pry it carelessly, you can break it.

Finally, the author of the video saw , according to him, he had been waiting for eight years: a tongue with which you can remove the battery in one motion . Under the battery are a copper heat pipe and an ultrasonic fingerprint scanner. To the right, next to the stylus slot, is the S Pen supercapacitor charging coil (it does not have a battery). Another feature of the smartphone is the absence of a separate vibration motor (it is built into the speaker module).

All the Galaxy S23 Ultra camera sensors were combined into one massive block that can be detached from the motherboard. This will not work with the front camera – it is glued to the frame of the smartphone. After that, Nelson checked what would happen if the SIM card tray key was inserted into the microphone hole by mistake (as it turned out, nothing). Summing up the video, the blogger noted that he was pleased with the innovations and gave the smartphone a high rating.

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