The batteries of old Samsung smartphones have started to “swell”

Ugly problems at Samsung: according to what is observed from recent rumors that emerged on YouTube, we learn that many old Galaxy smartphones have started to suffer from problems with the internal battery. It seems that this is swelling out of all proportion. The youtuber Mrwhosetheboss (Arun Maini) reported the news; he even made a video in which he explains what happened.

Samsung: what happens with the battery of the devices?

In fact, it seems that several old Galaxy phones from Samsung have started to have problems: the battery has started to swell and the temperature to rise. Bad memories that immediately make us think of the unfortunate story of the Galaxy Note 7. Unfortunately, it seems that the criticality is linked only to the South Korean OEM gadgets.

As mentioned, in the past Samsung has already faced bad problems related to the Note 7’s batteries that tended to swell and explode. Unfortunately, to a lesser extent, the problem was also felt on the Galaxy Note 8, S6, S10, S10e and S10 5G. Nevertheless, the S20 FE and the Galaxy Z Fold2 also appear to have had a similar failure. The accumulator tends to swell and push the panel further and further out.

It could also be linked to rising temperatures in the UK (where YouTuber Maini operates). Perhaps, the heat has led to the swelling of the lithium batteries of the phones in the warehouse but the unfortunate thing is that this has only affected Samsung’s devices. Then it turned out from the forums that many users reported the same thing; even the American colleague MKBHD confirmed everything. Last but not least, JerryRigEverthing too. We look forward to learning more; stay connected for further updates on the matter.

Source: YouTube Mrwhostheboss