Apple Watch Ultra clone

The Apple Watch Ultra clone : the watch is 30 times cheaper than the original

Apple Watch Ultra clone

The Chinese have a truly legendary skill to copy gadgets. Only a few days have passed since the start of sales of the new “smart” watches Apple Watch Ultra, and their replicas are already being sold in China.

 The forgery can now be purchased in at least one market in Shenzhen.

I must say, the Chinese did their best – the replica is not so easy to distinguish from the original. The watch has an identical case to the Apple Watch Ultra with a swivel Digital Crown and magnetic charging. The software was also adjusted, the fake interface exactly repeats watchOS with branded dials.

The replica, like the original, allows you to control the iPhone camera, determines geolocation, and even opens smart locks via NFC. Works, in particular, the voice assistant Siri. Of course, in some ways the replica betrays itself: the body is clearly not made of titanium, the screen brightness is not 2000 nits, there is no satellite connection and other chips like accident detection.

However, it is worth paying tribute to Uncle Liao’s engineers, they reproduced the design and main functions brilliantly. Especially given the price of $22 for fake Apple Watch Ultra, while the original in the US is sold for $799. The demand will be right.

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apple watch ultra replica