Telegram: Pavel Durov wants to invest 1 billion dollars

The CEO of the social network Telegram recently said he plans to invest $ 1 billion to revolutionize his application.

Following the big update of Telegram, he again underlined how much Pavel Durov is focused on making his messaging app the best on the world scene. Let’s find out more details together.


Telegram: Pavel Durov has a revolution in mind for the application

Thanks to the sale of bonds ” to some of the largest and most reliable investors in the world “, Telegram is securing a very important investment plan. Part of these funds, as Durov himself announces , will be spent to ” continue its global growth while remaining faithful to its values ​​and remaining independent “.

Already in December, the CEO had announced an important non-invasive monetization system , focused on the monetization of large channels with the sale of premium stickers made by artists. One of Telegram’s major expansion plans, which to date has more than 500 million active users per month , also includes opening an office in Abu Dhabi to expand its presence in the Arab region.

Durov is keen to clarify that Telegram ” will remain independent and loyal to its volunteers “, only time will tell if the CEO will be able to keep his word. I remind you that in recent months Telegram is experiencing an unprecedented rate of growth , also thanks to the problems of WhatsApp regarding the management of data shared on Facebook and also the arrival of the chat migration tool that favors a quick and painless transition to Telegram . We just have to wait to find out more details.

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