Tai Chi Panda 1.6 APK for Android

Tai Chi Panda 1.6 APK for Android

Taichi Panda APK for Android

Tai Chi Panda is a hack and slash action games filled with a fast-paced combat system, four playable and fully upgradeable characters, PvP and cooperative modes, and a plot spanning 12 chapters. The game gives a player the opportunity to save the land of Avsar with one of four different character types. If you’re a fan of action game, then this new Android mobile game may just appeal to you.

Tai Chi Panda has all the necessary components that make up a great hack ‘n’ slash action game. A very well put together and visually stunning combination of full blown PC MMORPG and mobile device hack ‘n’ slash. There is good char customization, smooth gameplay, great controls, UI, solo-play and PvP set-up. It’s great for beginner to never-loggers.

Here’s a list of game features on Android:
• A Stunning Fantasy Adventure
• 4 Playable Characters
• Fast-Paced Combat
• Upgradeable Gear and Pets
• Guild wars and Team Instances

While the game is free to download and play, be aware that it also contains in-game purchases. You can download Tai Chi Panda APK file below and install it directly on your Android phone and tablet.



1xCXaFo File Size :172.0 B Total Download :40

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