Surface Duo 2 owner suggested a way to improve the smartphone

One of the owners of the Surface Duo 2 smartphone believes that Microsoft could implement the display of missed notifications when closed in a more convenient and, most importantly, simpler way. For clarity, he embodied his idea in renders. 

Surface Duo 2Surface Duo 2 is a foldable smartphone with two split screens. They are curved in the center, thanks to which, when closed, on the side edge, you can see the time and various notifications. However, in reality, it is extremely difficult to see something – you need to turn the device at a certain angle. In addition, when open, the curvature of the screens does not add to the convenience. Therefore, the user under the nickname  RainbowWolfer offered his own solution to this problem. 

Surface Duo 2

Surface Duo 2He suggests using the Microsoft logo on the outside of the device to display various information, embedding four small displays in it. Since they will only serve to display notifications, it is not at all necessary to make it touch-sensitive, so this will not have much effect on the thickness of the device. And if there are no notifications, then the screens can glow in different colors, forming a company logo.

In the comments to the author’s post, many people liked this concept. Although there were those who believe that Microsoft should not copy the ideas of other manufacturers with an external screen.