Stocks, cryptocurrencies ETFs: invest with Bux0 share is free

Don’t you know Bux Zero ? It is one of the largest new generation brokers in Europe, present in over eight countries and with over 700,000 active users.

Awarded in 2022 as “Best app in all sectors” by DtGV App Award, Bux Zero is completely safe: not only does it work with a highly experienced partner – i.e. ABN AMRO Clearing – but your deposit is protected up to 100 thousand euros and Your account security is ensured by encryption , testing, and proactive system surveillance.


All the features of Bux Zero

Bux Zero is a volcano of tools and features developed to help investors gain more flexibility and control . Among the most popular (and innovative) are accumulation plans – a sort of “autopilot” -, thematic investments designed to inspire your growth and fractional investments, to buy fractions of shares and high-value ETFs starting from just 10 euros.

Bux Zero’s pricing plan is simple and transparent. Most transactions carry a small fee , but you can always take advantage of commission-free investing with “Zero Orders”, which are executed at the end of the trading day but with a limit of three per month.

If, on the other hand, your goal is to invest regularly and create your portfolio from month to month, you can start with a zero euro monthly savings plan.

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You can customize it with fractional stocks and ETFs, Bux Zero will automate it to help you maximize your returns.

Discover a new way of investing thanks to Bux Zero and immediately get a completely free share. Open a free account in minutes and immediately invest in stocks, cryptocurrencies and ETFs without red tape or long waiting lists. Deposit or withdraw your money for free , quickly and at any time, research specific stocks, create lists with your favorite stocks and ETFs or get inspired by pre-defined lists, finally diversify with fractional investments and cryptocurrencies.

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