OnePlus 9 stock wallpapers

Stock wallpapers of the new OnePlus 9 can be installed on your smartphone

The recently presented OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro are still available only to bloggers and journalists, but everyone can already get a piece of the new flagships. To do this, simply install the OnePlus live wallpaper application.

One of the XDA portal staff was able to extract the APKs of the OnePlus Wallpapers and Wallpaper Resources applications from the new OnePlus 9. They can be installed on any Android smartphone, thus gaining access to the new animated wallpapers from OnePlus. They reportedly work both on devices of OnePlus itself and on devices from other brands.

OnePlus 9OnePlus 9 OnePlus 9


After installing applications, you just need to open the wallpaper selection menu, where new screensavers will be available. If they are not displayed there, you can try to additionally install the ” Google Wallpapers ” application and find pictures in it.

Download OnePlus Wallpaper Resources

Download OnePlus Wallpaper

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