Some Pixel Watch started to “burn out” the display

Some users of Pixel Watch smartwatches have encountered the problem of display burn-in. However, Google representatives denied this claim, noting that we are talking about just an afterimage.

Pixel Watch burnout
original photo
Pixel Watch burnout
A photograph of a clock showing the contours of burnout

One Pixel Watch user said that the problem appeared after five days of using the device, during which the Always-On-Display (AOD) function was active for at least 12 hours a day, and the adaptive brightness mode was turned on.

Judging by the images, the screen is non-uniformly painted in black, and if you look closely, you can see the outlines of the clock numbers and the date icon. 

However, the problem disappears within about 30 minutes.

In turn, Google categorically rejected the situation with the “burn-in” of the display and continues to insist that this is a temporary afterimage.

 According to the company, all Pixel Watches are equipped with a software algorithm to change the brightness of backlit pixels to reduce the chance of image retention, so most users should not experience this problem.

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