Smartphone: its components are a real precious treasure

Smartphone: its components are a real precious treasure

Who would have thought that the materials of the components of our smartphones are real precious treasures . In a small tool of daily use there are precious metals , rare and distant earths , silver and gold .

Even if well disposed of, smartphones can be recycled up to 96% . A really interesting news that helps everyone to increase the necessary awareness of eco – sustainability . That’s why the phones in every home are a treasure trove of resources.

Smartphone: its components are a real precious treasure

The materials of their components make smartphones a mine of resources for the benefit of the environment

Surely the first of all to benefit from this possibility in smartphone recycling is the environment . Almost in its entirety the components can be reused . A study has confirmed that more than 1 kg of gold can be obtained with around 50,000 phones . Furthermore, recycling one avoids the emission of 0.211 kg of Co2 with an energy saving of 1 kWh .

But what are the smartphones currently in circulation composed of? A recent article by Adnkronos published in Focus comes to the rescue . “According to a study E -waste Lab of Remedia in collaboration with the Politecnico di Milano , a cell contains 9 grams of copper, 11 grams of iron, 250 mg of silver, 24 mg of gold, 9 mg of palladium, 65 grams of plastic , 1 gr of rare earths (Praseodymium, Neodymium, Cerium, Lanthanum, Samarium, Terbium, Dysprosium) and other precious elements contained in very small quantities, such as cadmium, cobalt, ruthenium (the so-called precious metals) “.

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And that’s not all, because lithium- ion batteries are no joke either. One of these “contains about 3.5 g cobalt, 1.0 g rare earths (Nd, Eu, Ce and Tb)”. If 35 million smartphones could be recovered, the amount purchased on average in Italy every year, it could reach 195 million euros .

In short, a real mine of precious materials that make this instrument a real jewel from all points of view. This news is incredibly fantastic if you think about the long history of the phone  and how many have been produced from its inception to today.