Smart watch with a blood sugar level sensor is coming ?

A team at Kennesaw State University in Georgia has developed a non-invasive GlucoCheck device that measures blood glucose levels without piercing the skin with 90 percent accuracy. It works on the same principle as regular smartwatches. 

The GlucoCheck biosensor, reminiscent of traditional smartwatches, is paired with a mobile app. The team is also busy integrating with Amazon’s Alexa virtual assistant. To measure the glucose level, the LED illuminates the human skin, after which the camera captures the blood vessels. 

A patent for this technology has already been filed, and now the authors are eager to test it on as many body types as possible for a variety of test data. GlucoCheck claims to be superior to analogues, so it needs to be accurate – including when measuring glucose levels in people with a dark skin type or with tattoos.

The British company Rockley Photonics is working in the same direction, but instead of LEDs, they use laser analysis. In addition, its development allows you to collect data on hydration, lactate and blood pressure, among other things. 

By the way, Apple is considered one of the largest customers of Rockley Photonics and, according to rumors, intends to use its non-invasive glucose monitoring technology in future versions of the Apple Watch.

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