Scatter File Guide MT6595, 6582,6589,6592,6577,6589T,6572


If you own a MediaTek ( MT6595, MT6582, MT6589, MT6592, MT6577, MT6589T, MT6572  ) smartphone that comes from China ( Mostly ) and want to upgrade, flash or trying to resolve any problem you will need a Scatter File to do so, today i will teach you how to make scatter file for your chinese phone in some simple steps.

scatter file guide

Requirements :

  1. MediaTek Phone.
  2. USB Data Cable.
  3. USB ADB VCOM Drivers.
  4. MTK Droid Tools.

Take these steps:

Step # 1 – Install ADB USB VCOM Drivers.

Step # 2 Enable USB Debugging.

Step # 3 Connect phone via usb data cable.

Step # 4 Download and run MTK Droid Tools ( Wait for some seconds. )


Step # 5 After some seconds all info of you phone showed up in MTK Droid Tools

Step # 6 Now click on Block Map

Step # 7 A new window will open shows all information and files of installed Android  rom

Step # 8 Simply click on Create scatter file , save file to any place you remember.

That’s it you got you scatter file if you face any problem ask me here any time.

Note: This guide is tested and working , however i am not responsible for any this goes wrong.

Say Thanks if it works.