Samsung suffered a devastating cyber attack

Samsung ‘s secret data leaked online in hours after the company suffered a devastating cyber attack. Here is what emerged in detail.

The company was reportedly hit by a devastating cyber hack that led to the online disclosure of a lot of confidential data. A group of cybercriminals are reportedly behind this attack on the tech giant.

Samsung suffered a devastating cyber attack

Samsung: what emerged from the secret data revealed online?

Reports mention that Samsung’s confidential source code was leaked in this attack in addition to other secret data. The hackers have provided a list of all the data leaked in this security breach.

The company lost nearly 190GB of secret data

The Lapsus $ group claimed responsibility for the attack. They posted a snapshot of the C / C ++ directories in Samsung software online to show they would release the data online.

A description of the leak was then published. The source code is mentioned for each trusted Applet installed in Samsung’s TrustZone environment used for encryption, access control, hardware encryption, etc.

All leaked data amounts to nearly 190GB . Lapsus $ split the “swag” into three compressed files that have now leaked as online torrents: algorithms for all biometric unlocking operations, bootloader source code for all the latest Galaxy phones, Qualcomm’s secret source code, codes for brand activation servers and even the full source code for the technology used to authorize and authenticate brand accounts, including APIs and services.

Hackers also hit NVIDIA data recently. Nearly 1 TB of data was lost during the cyber attack. The group demanded that open source NVIDIA GPU drivers disable LHR on its graphics cards in order to unlock their full potential for cryptocurrency mining .

It is unclear whether the criminal group made any claims to Samsung. A report from South Korea says officials are evaluating the situation. To date, the company has not yet said anything else about the attack.

Source: SamMobile

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