Samsung OLED

Samsung presents the new technologies in the field of foldables

Samsung has decided to present the new folding technologies and innovative OLED panels within a new dedicated microsite.

Samsung OLED: a site for display technologies

Samsung Display , the Korean OEM division dedicated to panel display technology, has unveiled a new microsite focused on OLED news. The new microsite is a rich platform for a number of many of the industry’s leading technologies that will continue to lead the company as the world’s number one in terms of innovation.

samsung OLED

The new dedicated OLED microsite is decorated with details and images of the new OLED display technologies for foldable smartphones, laptops and many other gadgets. The website offers general information about Samsung Display’s products and key principles through videos, articles and reviews in English, Korean and Chinese.

samsung OLED

The dedicated global microsite will highlight news, product innovations, multimedia resources, insights into industry trends, and will also act as a communications hub . It is the culmination of Samsung Display’s growth and expansion around the world.

With the recent expansion of the OLED market and the extensive application of the latest display technologies from Samsung Display, consumers are more and more numerous and curious about this new technology. The new microsite will therefore broadly drive Samsung’s offering of OLED solutions.

samsung OLED

Samsung Display will continue to highlight OLED excellence for small and medium-sized devices. Nonetheless, this division of the company will host digital launch events through its social media channels to celebrate the birth of the new microsite.

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Source: OLED Era Samsung