Samsung Galaxy S22: bad repairability, according to iFixit

In the latest teardown video, Samsung’s Galaxy S22 Ultra and Galaxy S22 are both scrapped and evaluated for repairability by iFixit . We have previously seen another teardown of the S22 Ultra from PBKreviews ; it is interesting to understand how to repair a new South Korean flagship.

The first thing to note is that Samsung offers an official repair guide for opening the device, although it is in French. iFixit speculates that this is likely due to the semi-new French repairability index, which incentivizes companies to sell devices that are (or appear to be) repairable. The guide recommends gel packs and low heat.

Samsung Galaxy S22: how to disassemble?

Even with heat and careful careful removal of the adhesive, the curved back panel of the S22 Ultra cracked as it was removed.



Two things that take up a lot of space in the Galaxy S22 Ultra are the compartment for the S Pen and the camera assembly with the 10X periscope lens. In fact, the company had to reposition the vibration motor, integrating it into the lower speaker group.

The teardown points out that a lot of graphite tape was used, but also thermal paste and a larger vapor chamber. iFixit suggests that Samsung should make the phones slightly thicker so that it can more efficiently draw heat away from the processor, adding some space to insert some battery pull tabs, which current phones don’t have.

Finally, the iFixit portal has also published a guide to the chips of each device, if you want to take a look at what components are used in the phone and their locations.

South Korean OEM flagships have been awarded a repairability rating of 3/10. The only benefit to repairability is using standard Philips screws , but battery replacement is still difficult without the pull tabs; in fact, the aesthetics of the phone does not prioritize easy panel repairs and Samsung does not currently offer free service manuals for its phones.

Source: YouTube iFixit