Samsung Galaxy A13: here’s what colors it will come in

The  Galaxy A13 (4G / 5G) will reportedly be available in four color variants. To date, an authoritative platform for Samsung products , GalaxyClub has hinted that the budget phone will be available in four colors. It is believed that this detail will apply to both 4G and 5G modem models.

Samsung Galaxy A13Samsung Galaxy A13: what do we know at the moment?

The A13 will have the same colors as the new A33 and A53. The models will be available in four pastel shades: black, blue, white and orange . GalaxyClub has also provided some renders showing the color schemes for the new phones.

Samsung Galaxy A13The A13 5G will be the first model with 5G connectivity introduced in the A10 series. As per previous rumors, the device will have a 50 MP main camera and a 5,000 mAh battery . It’s a substantial improvement in several respects over the A12, which had a 48MP main camera and similar battery capacity.

The fast charging capability of the new models is not fully known, although the previous model boasted a 15W charging. The photographic characteristics may be the same for the 4G model.


The 5G models will be powered by high-end chipsets (possibly Dimensity 700 for the A13 5G), while a less powerful chip will be used for the 4G version. These gadgets are slated to debut in early 2022 and will be reasonably priced, likely below the $ 250 mark. We have no word from Samsung yet on these details at this time; we will keep you updated shortly.

Source: GalaxyClub

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