Microsoft Windows Subsystem for Android

Run android apps on windows 11 with microsoft subsystem

The Microsoft Windows Subsystem for Android has finally reached a stable release. What does this give us?

Microsoft Windows Subsystem for Android

When the new Microsoft Windows 11 operating system was released a little over a year ago, Android app support was promised to us, and this was one of the most attractive features for many users. Microsoft has promised that you will be able to run Android apps as if they were regular programs on your Windows computer.


However, until now, the Windows Subsystem for Android (WSA), which is responsible for supporting Android applications, has remained available only to Windows Insiders, in some regions and with limited functionality. And now, the situation is finally changing for the better, as Android support on Microsoft Windows 11 devices enters a stable phase.

Corey Hendriksson of Microsoft announced that WSA will now be available to all users in 31 regions, giving us access to just over 50,000 applications. Microsoft’s solution with WSA still relies on the relatively limited Amazon Appstore for accessing Android apps, however, this means you won’t need a separate Android emulator for your PC – plus you’ll have access to all the computing power at your disposal.

Now you don’t need to be a Windows Insider using the Windows 11 beta to start using Android apps. Just make sure your PC meets the minimum requirements to run WSA, install the Microsoft Windows Subsystem for Android on your PC or laptop , as well as the Amazon app store, and you can start using Android applications.  

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Keep in mind that so far some features have not yet been implemented. These include support for picture-in-picture (PIP), hardware DRM, USB, Bluetooth direct access, and Android widgets. Support for most of these should be coming soon.