PS5: jailbreak arrives, a video demonstrates it

A video released on Twitter in the past few hours seems to confirm the arrival of the jailbreak for the PlayStation 5 (PS5) system software .

In the video of ps5 jailbreak in question, visible above in the attached tweet, you can see the installation of a package designed specifically for the jailbreak procedure. The exploit works with system firmware 4.03 , including PS5 Digital Editions , but may also expand to previous firmware.

PS5, the jailbreak is there, but with some limitations

It is the first time that such a powerful hack has happened to the PlayStation 5 system software , nearly two years after its launch, and as such it is still very unstable. The success rate is given at 30% , so it may take several attempts before you are able to log in.

PS 5 By Playstation

Secondly, but more importantly, the exploit only gives access to read and write functions and it is not yet possible to give execution commands. The current implementation still allows you to enable the debug settings of the machine.

In a nutshell, it is an interesting hacking for industry experts or for those who are curious to know a few more secrets about the unobtainable latest generation console from Sony.

Implementing the jailbreak requires Python and the presence of a local web server on your PC to have access to the PS5 . A small step that was still enough to unleash the enthusiasm of the modders. You can check on  github that How to jailbreak ps5 for future developments.

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