Pokémon Scarlet and Violet: all the news on the Teracrystal revealed by the new trailer

During the latest trailer for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet , several new features emerged relating to the main mechanic of Paldea: the Teracrystal phenomenon .

The new trailer showed a new mode , in addition to the already known Raid, with which to obtain Pokémon with a rare Teratipe . In fact, we have discovered that it will be possible to see some Pokémon characterized by a shiny aura within the game world.

If you face these Pokémon in battle, they will immediately teracrystallize , thus taking on a different type from the basic one. To capture them we will therefore have to try to weaken them, until their life drops below half and they lose the teracrystallization.

Once captured, we will see the Pokémon’s Teratype within its Trainer page , right under the Pokémon’s main type.

Additionally, it has been confirmed that all Pokémon will be able to take on all Teratips, although most will have a Teratipe corresponding to their main type. Pokémon with different Teratips will instead be rarer and can only be obtained in Raids or, as already mentioned, through encounters with Pokémon with a luminous aura.

During the trailer, a Teracrystal Raid was also briefly shown .

As in the Pokémon Sword and Shield Raids , players will connect via the internet and face the teracrystallized Pokémon together within the time limit (indicated under the health bar of the latter).

During the battle, all players will act simultaneously and can choose whether to attack or cheer . In the first case, your Pokémon will perform a move with the aim of weakening the opposing Pokémon. In the second, however, you will be able to support the Pokémon of your team, choosing between three different commands that will give them particular bonuses .

The first, called in English “Go all out!” , will allow you to increase the team’s offensive strength , increasing the Attack and Special Attack of each Pokémon by one stage.

The second, called ” Hang tough “, will increase their defenses by one stadium.


Finally, the last one, namely “ Heal up! “Will give them some PS .

As we already knew, once the teracrystallized Pokémon has been defeated, it will be possible to capture it and thus obtain a Pokémon with a rare Teratipe.

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