PlayStation Stars is available now: here’s how to sign up and win prizes

The gradual launch of PlayStation Stars has just ended today, 13 October 2022 : from this moment all users can in fact officially register for the loyalty program, at no additional cost.

In fact, we remind you that it is not necessary to make any purchase to be able to join the initiative, even if users registered on PlayStation Plus will be able to access some exclusive bonuses (you can subscribe by purchasing a gift card on Amazon )

Thanks to this interesting novelty you will be able to unlock not only some virtual objects to be placed on your dashboard , but also get credit for the PS Store and in some cases even selected products.

You can sign up immediately by simply going to the official PlayStation Stars page and following some simple instructions , which we will report below.

First of all you will of course have to make sure you log in with your profile that you use on PS5 or PS4, then scroll down and click on the ” Join PlayStation Stars ” button. Membership is expected to be instant, but Sony warns us that some users may be placed on a waiting list, due to the huge demand for participation.

After taking this simple step, you are officially ready to begin your adventure to unlock new rewards: simply download the official PlayStation app on your iOS or Android device to start collecting rewards.
PlayStation Stars

We remind you that in order to be entitled to new rewards you will have to complete some specific campaigns: there will be monthly challenges and specific objectives related to individual games to be constantly monitored. In addition, if you choose to make purchases on the PS Store you will be entitled to additional bonus points , to be exchanged for rare virtual collectibles or with funds from the PSN wallet.

At this point, we can therefore only wish you all a lot of fun and a good prize hunt. Among the many virtual collectibles there is one that will move PS1 fans in particular: the legendary T-Rex present in the tech demo

However, there was no lack of controversy over some of the features present: PlayStation Stars also offers a priority for technical support , an aspect that has made a large part of the community angry. Furthermore, a datamine has revealed that certain prizes may be available by invitation only , although no official confirmation has yet arrived.