Pixel 7 Pro: Google releases samples of images recorded by the phone’s camera with 30x zoom

Google published last Friday (07) an album of photographs taken by the cameras of the Pixel 7 Pro , its new top-of-the-line cell phone The images highlight Super Res Zoom technology , which combines the intelligence of the company’s software with the new capabilities of the Tensor G2 to deliver beautiful results at up to 30x zoom.

Pixel 7 Pro

The first collection records the city of Manhattan, in the United States. The Pixel 7 Pro is used to capture incredible detail of the One World Trade Center building, which is clearly located at a great distance from the lens. Check out below the zoom that starts from the ultrawide lens and reaches 30x with the support of the 48 MP periscopic lens.

Super Res Zoom is enabled on photographs that are zoomed from 20x. The tool uses a supersampling engine based on machine learning that extracts the power of machine learning from the platform developed by Google itself.

The second wave of images shows the Golden Gate Bridge, which connects the city of San Francisco to Sausalito. During the Pixel 7 Pro presentation event , Google highlighted its 50MP main camera, ultra wide-angle 12MP sensor and 48MP lens with 5x optical zoom along with its computational photography power.

There are also miscellaneous images that denote the cameras’ excellent dynamic range and their pleasing, natural color rendering. Check it out below:

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Super Res Zoom on Pixel 7 Pro


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