One UI 3.0 Beta with Android 11: coming to S20

Google has just announced the public availability of Android 11 for Pixel devices; for all the other producers instead, there will be very different timing. Each OEM has full control of their updates, even if there are several brands such as OnePlus , OPPO and Xiaomi that will soon release the first custom skins based on the new software iteration of the Mountain View giant. Among these, we also mention Samsung , with its One UI 3.0 Beta that finally lands on the current 2020 flagship line-up, the Galaxy S20.

One UI 3.0

Galaxy S20: the first to receive the One UI 3.0 Beta

If you remember, in the past, the arrival times of the new Android firmware on the devices of the various manufacturers were simply "biblical". The timing expanded in an unspeakable way, to the disadvantage of the end user who, tired of waiting, often changed phones, jumping from "brand to brand".

Only recently, on the other hand, have we witnessed a change of course by producers ; finally, they seem to have understood not only the technical advantages of the updated releases, but also the marketing advantage of distributing software versions quickly.

After the nasty story of the Stagefright bug several years ago, Samsung began rolling out monthly updates more regularly and even went so far as to promise three years of Android updates for a number of top-of-the-line and midrange devices. Now even, it is one of the first companies to announce a beta program for testing Android 11 under the guise of its One UI interface, almost in its third release.

Of course, there are some that don't change, such as the company's support for the latest models. That said, it's bizarre how the Beta One UI 3.0 program was launched in South Korea and the US only for the Galaxy S20 , S20 Plus, and S20 Ultra 5G. Why was the Note20 line-up left out? The mystery deepens.

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