On Steam Deck managed to run a full-fledged macOS

Valve’s Steam Deck portable console has a lot of hidden features. As it turned out, it can run not only Windows 11 , but also the Apple operating system. Despite the type of device and the hardware used in it, macOS fully works in this mode. 

The unusual achievement was reported by one of the Reddit users . 

On Steam Deck managed to run a full-fledged macOS

He managed to run the macOS Catalina operating system, released three years ago, on Steam Deck. To implement the plan, the VirtualBox program was used, designed to virtualize various operating systems, including macOS. 

Recall that the console itself is running SteamOS .

According to an enthusiast, macOS Catalina runs fine on a 7-inch Steam Deck screen. True, not everything is so smooth: loading the system takes about 2–4 minutes, and some animations freeze during operation. 

By the way, macOS Catalina supports 32-bit applications, so this solution can be used to run various old games.

In the comments to the post , you can find tips and instructions for running macOS on Steam Deck.


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