Nintendo Switch Online, the new game is now available for free

The Nintendo Switch Online app for the Nintendo 64 catalog has officially updated to version 2.7.0: it means that from now on it will be possible to use a new game for free , as well as being able to take advantage of new small improvements.

Nintendo Switch Online

The arrival of Pilotwings 64 was particularly awaited by fans of the hybrid console , not only because it is one of the most loved 64-bit classics but also because it is the first real title improved in emulation.

As we have in fact reported a few days ago , the arcade flight simulator presents not only more clean images, but a practically doubled frame rate : thanks to the Nintendo Switch Online Additional Package you can in fact play it at 60FPS.

According to what was reported by the dataminer Yakumono (via Nintendo Life ), it seems that the update did not take place “on purpose”, but that simply the Nintendo 64 emulator ignores the technical times and runs the games at the maximum possible frame rate supported by the relative engine.

However, it seems that Nintendo has decided to take this feature into consideration in order to personally intervene on some games: according to what reported by the dataminer OatmealDome , among the games protagonists of the changes there is also F-Zero X.

An aspect also confirmed by Yakumono himself, who although he reiterates that the fluid 60FPS has not yet been reached, the emulation seems to have been improved since its debut. However, according to the dataminer, the efforts are still not sufficient.

In any case, these reports have done nothing but confirm how Nintendo is working hard to improve free games on Switch Online: Pilotwings 64 could be the first of a long series of titles to be able to definitively work better than the original counterpart.

If you do not find Pilotwings 64 in your catalog, you will need to manually update the dedicated Nintendo Switch Online app: you can start the search for updates via the appropriate settings menu.