Google Pixel 6 fixes

New patch for Google Pixel 6 fixes the fingerprint scanner

After numerous complaints about the biometric sensor in the new flagships, Google released a software update that fixes an annoying bug. The company did not announce the release of the patch, but after installing it, the owners of the gadget noticed positive changes in the operation of its biometric authentication system.


Google Pixel 6

According to Reddit users , the new system update for Google Pixel 6 smartphones significantly improves the accuracy of the finger scanner after installing the SD1A.210817.037 update. It is reported that the “patched” sensor also starts to respond much faster. At the same time, the company seems to have managed to fix a bug due to which a stranger could unlock the gadget .

The patch is only 15MB in size. It is curious that Google itself did not comment on its release in any way. Recently this was done by the mobile operator Verizon, on whose website an announcement appeared with information that the patch was aimed specifically at eliminating the shortcomings in the operation of the biometric sensor. The update is already available in OTA format for both the base Google Pixel 6 model and the Pro version of the smartphone.