Google Play Services

New in the Android operating system. List of changes and improvements coming with the next Google Play Services update for September 2022.

Google’s September system update package was released a couple of weeks ago, but only now the company has provided a full list of changes and improvements to the Android operating system that it brings.

Google Play Services

Specifically, Google is expanding access in multiple regions to its Play Games for PC beta, which allows users to download Android games to their Windows PCs. In addition, the app store will finally indicate the availability of games depending on the market in which the user is located.

One of the major improvements was support for intelligent sound switching, which Google announced back in July. It allows Android to determine where to route audio when working with multiple Bluetooth multipoint devices. At first, this support was limited to the Pixel Buds Pro, but then it was announced that it would also extend to third-party equipment from manufacturers such as JBL and Sony.

The full changelog for these updates is available below. Be aware of footnotes that identify features related to a Google Play system update, Google Play Store version 32.4, or a specific version of Google Play Services.

Account Management

[Phone] Allows users to hide recommended apps when signing up for Google Kids Space.[2]
[Auto, Phone, TV, Wear] Sync and account recovery improvements.[2]
[Phone] Ability to install Google Kids Space for a second tablet user during device setup.[2]
[Phone] Fixed bugs related to system management and diagnostics, as well as services related to utilities.[1]
[Phone] With the transfer of parental approval and consent to Google Materials 3, users will experience a more consistent user experience in line with Google’s design standards.[4]

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Connecting devices

[Phone] Switch Bluetooth audio peripherals between supported phones and watch for calls.[5]

Google Play Store

New features to help you discover your favorite apps and games.[3]
Optimizations for faster and more reliable downloads and installations.[3]
Continuous improvements to Play Protect to keep your device safe.[3]
Various performance optimizations, bug fixes, and security, stability, and accessibility improvements.[3]
[Wear OS] With updates to the Play Store on the Wear OS homepage, users can get a new content redirect display that makes it easier to find recommended apps.[3]
[Wear OS] When users install an app on their Wear OS device that requires a companion app, the companion app is automatically installed on their mobile device.[3]
[Wear OS] A new secondary menu that allows users to view recommended apps for their Wear OS, Android TV, or Android Auto devices from their Android phones.[3]
[Phone] Learn more about Top Picks in Play by expanding the results to see more information about the app or game directly in the Play’s Top Picks module.[3]
[Phone] Help users make better installation decisions with updates to the app details pages.[3]
[Phone] Check the installation status of applications on your other devices.[3]
[Phone] Optimized menu navigation for large screens in landscape mode.[3]
[Phone] Provide device security information from Google Play Protect on system security and privacy settings page on certain Android 13 devices.[3]
[Phone] Check availability of Google Play Games games on PC.[3]

Support _

[Phone] Android User Training 13.[2]


[Auto, Phone] Autocomplete will now notify users if their login credentials were discovered in a public data leak.[2]


[Phone] You can now receive visual feedback when locking, unlocking or starting the car with the digital key.[2]
[Wear OS] This feature allows you to add new payment methods to Google Pay in Japan.[2]
[Phone] Enable the display of open cycle transit agencies in the list of purchased passes.[2]

For developers

New developer features for Google and third-party app developers to support account management, machine learning/AI, security, and privacy related developer services in their apps.[2][4]
System Management
Updates to system management services that improve device performance, device connectivity, network usage, security, stability, and updateability.[1][4]

[1] Available through Google Play September system update.

[2] Available through Google Play Services version 36.22 updated September 29, 2022.

[3] Available through Google Play Store version 32.4 updated September 30, 2022

[4] Available through Google Play Services version 39.22 updated 09/29/2022.

[5] Available through Google Play Services version 31.22, updated September 29, 2022.