New alarm from the Google Play Store: beware of these apps

Once again the alarm went off from the Google Play Store where several dangerous apps were detected that managed to circumvent the Play Protect security systems. To have reported the case, as we had already reported the day before yesterday, were the researchers of ThreatFabric . But now we have come to know the complete list of infected apps that many users, unfortunately, have already downloaded on their devices. Let’s find out together the ones that you absolutely must eliminate if you have installed them.

Google Play StorePlay Store: here are the apps infected with the Anatsa trojan

As already mentioned, a few days ago we reported that several apps containing banking Trojans had nestled on the Play Store . Promptly Google, following the report of the ThreatFabric experts who had identified them, eliminated them all. In practice, these were 12 apps that were infected and in a short time they took over the smartphones of those who naively downloaded them.

So let’s find out which are the ones that, if you mistakenly installed them on your device by proceeding to download from the Google Play Store days ago , you must immediately delete and proceed with the factory reset:

  • CryptoTracker
  • Master Scanner Live
  • PDF Document Scanner
  • PDF Document Scanner
  • PDF Document Scanner Free
  • Protection Guard
  • QR CreatorScanner
  • QR Scanner
  • QR Scanner 2021
  • Scan to PDF
  • Two Factor Authenticator
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The problem is that the Anatsa Trojan , once you have downloaded and installed one of these infected apps, takes possession of your device and steals all your personal data. Not only that, but by being part of that category of banking malware, it will steal the passwords and two-factor authentication. The result is therefore clear: a very simple and apparently harmless app installed from the Google Play Store will steal the money deposited in the current account that it forced.

Our advice is to always check applications before installing them on your device. First of all by downloading them from the official stores , for example the Google Play Store . Nonetheless, as in this case they might be hiding there too, so it’s good to read the most recent user reviews, inquire about who the developer is, and use a secure VPN.