MTK6577 USB Driver China Mobile How to Install [Guide][Download]

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Download MT6577 USB VCOM Driver (W7/Vista/XP) (403.5 KiB, 178632 downloads)
  1. imad says

    how to restaure my mt65xx to usin configuration
    becaus it doesnt work the swipe dont unlock the screen there is a user and mdp to unlock and i didnt do it i don ‘t know were it come from
    plz help and tnk u

  2. D'Choasun Whun says

    thanks the install worked!
    noE all i need to know is how to unbrick my phone?
    ipro S3 pro MT6577 ICS 4.0.4

  3. Jone Freo Dey says

    Where to get Samsung Galaxy S4 Clone firmware MT6577, ver 4.2.2. I accidently formatted my phone firmware without backup, now my phone was dead, please share me the link of ROM to TQ!

    1. anooprajendran says

      jone call me on my skyp id anoopraj3041 ill help you

      1. miolbc says

        helo anooprajendran…help me please,i have a same problem like jone..please help email,…

      2. Jone Freo Dey says

        I already add you on skype,.. no body answer…

    2. Munawar Abbas says

      brother no body will help you unless you provide full detail of your mobile phone … i.e device model .. manufacturer… current error and any thing other possible. At this time there are many clones that comes from china so it is safe to provide full details .. hope you understand .. Thanks

      1. Jone Freo Dey says

        tq brother,.. my clone phone recently manufacturer in Korea,. that is mean the clone made from Korea,.. my device model GT-I9500

        1. obengcliff says

          I got the same problem, my S4 is dead, usb not recognised and really need help. pls send me whatsapp on +233236600535 or email me:

  4. Keith Manns says

    Hello, I’ve been doing the same steps, but yet every time i connect the phone without the battery, it always show the device, but then disconnect the device right after.

    1. Love Peoples says

      try replacing your usb cable

      1. Keith Manns says

        didnt work 🙁

  5. gitos says

    it’n not working for lenovo a60+
    any others solutions, please..

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