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Microsoft: More commitment on Windows 11 in the near future

Microsoft will focus more on improving the performance and responsiveness of its Windows 11 operating system next year, according to online leaks. The company’s development team members confirmed this by answering user questions within the “ Ask Me Anything “ Reddit . Nonetheless, the focus of the questions concerned the next-generation reader present in the latest iteration of the Redmond software.

Microsoft will increasingly focus on Windows 11

The US OEM has released a new Media Player app for both Windows 11 and Windows Insider Dev channel members. The new software will support both audio and video playback and its design appears to be in line with the interface of the brand’s latest major release.

Windows 11

At the heart of Media Player, Microsoft says, is an entirely new music library that allows you to quickly browse and play music, create and manage playlists. In both full-screen view and mini-player mode, the app displays album art or artist images.

Media Player will also support video, which usually plays in the Movies & TV app on Windows 10 and Windows 11. Now, both video and audio content will automatically appear in the new player’s library.

We report that Media Player will replace the Windows Media Player application , a version that is still present in Windows 11. The company claims that the old software will continue to be available within the operating system, but it appears that the new Media Player will soon become the main way to watch videos and listen to music.

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Microsoft has not yet announced when it will be available to all users.

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