MediaTek: the first 4nm SoC is coming

Taiwanese chip maker MediaTek just announced on Twitter the arrival of its latest flagship processor. According to the company, its most advanced SoC will use the 4nm manufacturing process.

Dimensity 2000MediaTek: will Dimensity 2000 arrive in 2022?

The company also claims that this chip will be official soon. Unfortunately, he didn’t provide any information on the name or launch date. However, we expect this processor to have very good performance. According to rumors, this chip could be the infamous Dimensity 2000 . The company wrote: “ We are getting to the unbelievable with our most advanced chip ever, built with 4nm process technology. More power in your pocket, coming soon “.

The Twitter post comes with a video that emphasizes the power of the aforementioned SoC and nearly “infinite” battery life. According to previous reports, Dimensity 2000 will be built according to TSMC’s 4nm manufacturing process. The CPU will consist of 1 super large core x 3.0GHz X2 + 3 large core x 2.85GHz + 4 small core 1.8GHz. Additionally, this chip will come with a Mali-G710 MC10 GPU.

At the moment, the Dimensity 2000 and Snapdragon 898 specs appear to be very similar (Qualcomm’s SD is also built with a three-cluster architecture, including super-large core, large core and small core) and AnTuTu score. of the latter should exceed 1 million points. It is worth noting that the mass production and commercialization of MediaTek’s chipset will follow that of Qualcomm’s SoC.

While the latter will be launched this year, the Dimensity 2000 is expected to arrive in the first quarter of next year.

Today the very reliable tipster Ice Universe shared a screenshot from AnTuTu showing the very first benchmark score for a smartphone with Dimensity 2000. The identity of this smartphone has not been revealed, partly because it is perhaps based on a test unit for the chipset. Still, the result is enough to show that MediaTek is by no means taking it easy on its next flagship chip. The Dimensity 2000 broke some barriers in the AnTuTu Benchmark reaching a score of 1,002,220 points.

Curiously, the app displays two warnings indicating that the score has not been verified online and also that it is beyond the “normal” level. Obviously, AnTuTu isn’t ready for the 2022 chipsets yet, but we assume that a score of 1 million or more will become the new “standard” … unless the software developers reduce the “scoring base” slightly.

Interestingly, the MediaTek Dimensity 2000 smartphone running AnTuTu is likely a prototype product. So we could have even higher or lower results with the definitive device.

Source: MediaTek Twitter

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