LG Wing

LG has released a spectacular smartphone Wing video on the construction of the dual-screen

This week, the presentation of an unusual smartphone LG Wing with a rotating screen took place. Bloggers have already tested it , but many still have many questions about the device, from the usefulness of such a form factor to the reliability of the design. The new video from the manufacturer is dedicated to the latter. 


In a three-minute video, the manufacturer showed the design of the smartphone in detail. The video says that the double spring, double rail and hydraulic piston damper make the screen pivot virtually indestructible. It is officially announced that it has passed 200,000 tests to ensure its reliability.

The video also touches on waterproofing and drop protection. In the case of the latter, LG has provided for the retractable front camera to automatically “hide” into the case when it detects a fall, thereby avoiding damage. In addition, in accordance with the military standard MIL-STD-810G, the smartphone was tested for drops from a height of 1.2 meters at 26 different angles. In terms of water resistance, LG has applied a hydrophobic coating to the internal components of the device, but we are not talking about full IP certification. 

Source: slashgear.com