Know about the new foldable iPhone?

According to reports, it looks like Apple could actually build a foldable iPhone after all. Meanwhile, it is said that it has just begun the development of the OLED panel intended for its hypothetical foldable.

We know that the apple has started the construction of a special screen with OLED technology that does not use the polarizer; in a nutshell, we find that this device may use a special new feature. Sources close to the company took care of the issue and shared everything with the newspaper The Elec .

foldable iPhone

Apple: what do we know about the new foldable iPhone?

Let’s go in order: what is the use of removing the polarizer on the screen? Simple: the panel could be thinner and therefore easier to fold. Just to clarify, the polarizers are used to allow the passage of light in certain directions and this improves the brightness of the panel itself.

The first company to have made a similar display was Samsung Display which built an OLED without a polarizer and placed it on the Galaxy Z Fold3 . If the South Korean rival did it then, there is no reason not to see it on a product of the Cupertino giant. To date we don’t know if the brand is actually working on a similar item, but everything seems to be going in this direction.

Several times in the past we have reported several patents relating to a Tim Cook foldable; even analysts agree that a similar gadget is in the works at the company. The development is expected to finish by 2025 and only after that we could see it on the market.

Unfortunately, however, we do not know if it will be a flip article or a foldable “book”; on this question there is still silence and there is a lot of confusion. Honestly, the flip phone could be more practical and “pocket sized”, while the second could replace the iPad Mini, making sure you have a truly unique and revolutionary “two-in-one” (phone + tablet), with software in able to transform from iOS to iPadOS in a flash.

Source: The Elec