iPhone’s crash detection feature has already proven its worth

And although Apple has said that it would not want any of the users to try out the new crash detection feature in reality, fate has other plans for this. The recently released iPhone 14 recorded a Honda Accord collision in Lincoln, Nebraska. The police and the resuscitation vehicle would not have arrived soon, since there were no other cars and any witnesses in the area at the scene of the accident.

iPhone's crash detection feature

Unlike most Apple Watch reports of heart problems , this story doesn’t have a happy ending. Five of the car’s six occupants died instantly, and a sixth later died in hospital. However, the fact that he was taken to the hospital and had any chance of survival was the merit of the accident detection function in the new iPhone that was in the car.

“This is the worst accident in Lincoln in recent memory. It will take us some time to determine its cause, ”said Assistant Police Chief Lincoln Michon Morrow.

Apple noted that almost half of the worst accidents occur in rural areas, and most of them involve only one vehicle. It is in these cases that a new function can come in handy, when at the right time there simply may not be other people nearby so that they can call for help. 

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iPhone's crash detection feature

Previously, the blogger tested  the crash detection function. Then the smartphone accurately determined the fact of a car accident and launched an emergency alert system.

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