On iPhone you can install Android soon

On iPhone: you can install Android soon

Be honest, you’ve often thought about these exchanges of operating systems between smartphones: every now and then the idea of ​​trying to install Android on the iPhone has aroused your curiosity. Well, it seems that someone has worked hard to succeed in the business, which now no longer seems so impossible to achieve. This is Project Sandcastle and allows you to bring the OS of the green robot on some iphone’s.

On iPhone you can install Android soon
Android 10 running on an iPhone 7, in a photo taken with an iPhone XR. A new hack will let you run Google’s operating system on the Apple device, with support for more models on the way, according to the developers. THOMAS BREWSTER/FORBES

An iPhone with Android: now you can

The development of the project was made by the Corellium company , which mainly deals with virtualization of mobile operating systems on PC, tools that generally help the work of developers and security experts. Amanda Gorton, CEO of Corellium, commented on the arrival of Project Castle:

“Project Sandcastle is about having fun building something new from sand, more precisely from hardware silicon. iPhone restricts users to operate within a sandbox. But when you buy an iPhone, you own the iPhone hardware. Android for iPhone gives you the freedom to run a different operating system on that hardware. “

In the past, the company has already taken a complaint from Apple , precisely linked to the tools it develops, but this does not seem to have put a brake on its inventiveness. For the moment, the project allows you to bring Android 10 to iPhone 7 and 7 Plus , but it is possible that in the future the list will lengthen (perhaps with older apple phone models). The company has specified, however, that basically, the range of devices on which you can install Android will always be between the iPhone 5S and iPhone X . In fact, these models allow you to take advantage of a particular vulnerability.

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While we continue to wonder why you should opt for the implementation of Android on a hardware – that of the iPhone – which may not hold up the blow, we remind you that at this address you will have the opportunity to directly experience Project Sandcastle .

If instead you want to opt for a softer encounter between iPhone and Android, remember that you could always think of jailbreaking your iPhone using a smartphone with the android OS on board.

Source: Forbes