iPhone 15 will adopt USB Type C: goodbye to Lightning in 2023?

According to reports, it appears that iPhone 15 will launch without the Lightning port. In its place, in fact, we will find the USB Type C standard. The iPhone 14 range, on the other hand, should still have the proprietary connection.

iPhone 15

The reason Apple is forced to move to the international standard is due to pressure from the European Union. For some time now, the regulator has been struggling to develop a law that regulates the use of a single door for all electronic devices. Apple has so far always been an outsider company in this sense.

Apple vs European Union: iPhone 15 the first with USB C

The parliamentarians, according to a recently leaked report, will meet tomorrow to sign an official proposal. All electronic gadgets will have to use the same USB C standard, already known in the Android field but also on the Apple iPad or MacBook.

The reasons behind the choice of the European Union are environmental: the unified interface can be adopted for many items, thus reducing the number of cables in circulation. The EU has been discussing this for over 10 years; in the past it proposed the micro USB but now, with the advancement of technology, we have moved to this port which, in some cases, thanks to Thunderbolt 4, allows for simply unique reading and writing speeds. The proposals of the institution affected, almost exclusively, Apple which has always opposed the proposals.

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The accardo could have a large scale and could force companies to adopt USB Type C for charging laptops as well. This would put an end to the countless proprietary connections… but also the MagSafe recently introduced with the 14 and 16 inch MacBook Pros. How will it end?

Meanwhile, if you want a MacBook Pro that recharges with the Type C (and which costs little despite its performance), we recommend the Pro 13 for € 1237.00 instead of € 1479.00: simply not to be missed. Minimal design, Touch Bar in tow and Apple Silicon M1 processor.

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