iPhone 15 Ultra

iPhone 15 Ultra will have two front cameras and USB-C

A few days ago, the iPhone 14 series has landed on the international market; now we are all looking forward to the flagship range of 2023, but we will enjoy the current flagships for a while. The rumors, however, do not stop and flow incessantly, one after the other. We recently learned that the 15 Pro Max could change its name and be a totally different product from the 6.1-inch variant. Mark Gurman and other tipster have in fact suggested that it could be called the iPhone 15 Ultra . Today we learn new leaks regarding this gadget.

iPhone 15 Ultra

In fact, according to rumors, this will offer a user experience never seen before. It should be equipped with the USB Type-C port and could also enjoy a dual camera inside the Dynamic Island. We risk finding ourselves in front of the first iPhone with two optics on the front glass.

iPhone 15 Ultra: will it be revolutionary?

These are the words of the well-known tipster Majin Bu, who reported that:

According to my sources, the iPhone 15 Ultra will have 2 front cameras. It will also have a USB-C port and will start with 256GB of storage. The iPhone 15 Pro will always start with 128GB of storage and will have a USB-C, but only 1 front camera.

Now the rear photographic module consists of three sensors, but at the front we only have a single camera. The Ultra update could deliver new technologies, although it could still keep the island dynamic. It is too new an element to see replaced in less than a year.

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But what could the second selfie cam be for? In theory it could be able to record stereoscopic videos, it could also allow different levels of optical zoom. We are still in the field of speculation, we have no real rumors. Under the body we could see an Apple Silicon M1 processor and on the lower frame instead, a USB C port.

Source: Twitter Majin Bu