iPhone 14: The screen is easy to repair, but there is a problem


The iPhone 14 screen is said to be very simple to repair, but there seems to be a big problem behind it. From a report that has just emerged, there does not seem to be any good news on the horizon on this issue.

Yes, it will also be easy, but not for everyone.

iPhone 14

iPhone 14: What’s the Bad News?

The Cupertino OEM has completely redesigned the structural scheme of the iPhone 14 by inserting an innovative structure that is much more comfortable for those who have to carry out repairs.

However, it seems that only the Apple Stores are benefited by this practice. Third-party stores, on the other hand, will not enjoy this possibility.


The news comes from some users who are part of the online forums. The Engadget portal was able to understand more about the story.

According to what we read, iPhone 14 has two sensors for the ambient light of the display ; if an unauthorized screen is inserted on board, the aforementioned elements no longer work.

This will mean that the proximity sensor will not work properly. The problem seems to be related to the company’s “part pairing”, that is the possibility of adding a unique digital ID to the components of the device. If you use unofficial parts, some elements of the phone stop working.

Source: Engadget