iPhone 14 Pro Max vs Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra: Which is Strongest?

iPhone 14 Pro Max vs Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Here is the challenge of the year: iPhone 14 Pro Max openly challenges Android’s flagship flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G in an extreme Drop Test.

The drop test and shock resistance test is almost a practice when a phone hits the market; there are many YouTubers whose purpose is precisely to “test” the robustness of the announced products. Now let’s see how the king of the Apple market fares against the spearhead of the South Korean giant.

iPhone 14 Pro Max vs Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G: Who Wins?

PhoneBuff’s YouTube channel has just shared a new Drop Test showing the result of the challenge involving iPhone 14 Pro Max and Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G. Both devices have super resistant glass. Apple uses the proprietary Ceramic Shield and a mysterious Gorilla Glass for the back cover. Samsung uses Gorilla Glass Victus + instead. We also note the stainless steel case for the iPhone and the flat glass, while the Galaxy is all glass and the panel is curved.




In the first back down drop test, the Samsung came out as the winner, but both devices worked perfectly. The iPhone has reported more damage to the optics and the photographic modules. In the corner drop test, however, the S22 reported more cracks.

As for the Drop Test on the screen, we have an “almost” draw. Both of them shattered but the iPhone had more cracks in one corner. The S22 Ultra, on the other hand, sees damage all along the panel. Both are unusable and in need of repair.



The YouTuber GizmoSlip also performed a similar test and found – of course – the display broken. Surely, however, we must be careful of the delicacy of the rear optics which are the first element that tends to break in case of accidental damage. Moral of the story? It might not be a bad idea to do the AppleCare + when buying your new iPhone.

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