iPhone 14 Pro Max teardown

iPhone 14 Pro Max: let’s take a look inside (VIDEO)

iPhone 14 Pro Max teardown

From a first teardown of the iPhone 14 Pro Max we discover the most sparkling secrets of this particular high-end smartphone from Apple. From this in fact, we observe that it has a high repairability.

Like every year, the iPhone 14 line-up is receiving rave reviews from media around the world. The model that seems to be the most interesting is precisely the Pro Max which, despite its generous size, is able to capture the hearts of young and old, professionals and beyond.

iPhone 14 Pro Max: all the secrets of its interior

Now, from a teardown video published by PBKreviews we discover the disassembly of the phone in all its glory. We point out that the test unit is the American one, without a module for the physical SIM.


As mentioned, the iPhone 14 range does not seem to be different from last year’s, even in terms of internal components. However, we must note several significant elements that are completely different from the past.

In fact, we note that one of the first things that comes off during the teardown is the phone screen; thanks to a metal plate, the cables of the motherboard are connected in two layers to each other and this plate also serves to support the dissipation of the heat produced by the processor. In short, we note that it is very easy to repair this smartphone but, as often happens, “easy does not mean cheap”. We all know, right?

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Once this is done, you can access the photo module after seeing the other components. We note that the selfie snapper enjoys the OIS with autofocus and there is no module for the SIM. The new component for satellite emergency calls can also be seen.

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