iPhone 14 Pro Max

iPhone 14 Pro Max: Here’s where it’s made

Latest news: it seems that the new Apple flagship, the iPhone 14 Pro Max , is not produced in India, but only in China. The confirmation comes to us from the company itself.


iPhone 14 Pro Max

iPhone 14 Pro Max: Not made in India, apparently

From the photograph in question (shown below) we see that, according to the sources, this iPhone by seems to be made in India.

 There is clearly written “Made in India” on the sales package, but in reality we discover that it is a fake. 

The company has declared that it wants to move part of the production to the aforementioned country, but it seems that the change is contextual to the basic devices only.

In fact, we had long ago learned that the Cupertino company was increasingly reducing its dependence on China regarding the construction of its devices. In fact, an official statement reads:

The new iPhone 14 line introduces revolutionary new technologies and important security capabilities. We are thrilled to produce iPhone 14 in India.

Where are the new Indian iPhone 14 built? In the Foxconn factory located near Chennai. 

Source: Gizmochina