iPhone 14 Pro Max: battery

iPhone 14 Pro Max: battery loses to iPhone 13 Pro Max in DxOMark test

The novelties in the most advanced devices on the market usually take their toll in one or another aspect — whether in price, battery consumption, component heating, etc. Since the iPhone 14 reached the public, its most advanced model has gained a reputation for having a lower autonomy than its direct predecessor, the iPhone 13 Pro Max . And after we know all the specifications, it’s time for the tests in practice to show what the new device is.

iPhone 14 Pro Max: battery

Well, at least according to the DxOMark test, the new device is indeed behind the iPhone 13 Pro Max in the ranking, but it still manages to take second place in the ranking of premium phones, with a score of 133 . It is worth noting, however, that the site tests were carried out with the Always Active Screen off, to work on an equal footing with the 2021 model. Hence, the platform conducted its usual tests, from situations that simulate real use to controlled environments .

On a day-to-day basis, the iPhone 14 Pro Max managed to show good autonomy, especially when it comes to running lightweight apps, such as social networking apps. The total battery of 4,323 mAh can last, according to tests, up to 2 days and 17 hours . Meanwhile, 5-minute charging guarantees 3 hours of autonomy.

Already 80% can be obtained in just over an hour, but charging everything takes just over 2 hours and 20 minutes with Apple’s 20W USB-C adapter. When placed on a wireless charger, the device took 23 minutes longer to fill up — demonstrating, in general, lower energy efficiency than the older model.

In controlled tests, the device was above average in practically all aspects, with great emphasis on video streaming. Stopped overnight, the device lost only 2% of charge.

The battery, however, suffered more with the camera app, which seems to demand more resources from the device. The display had a good level of brightness when placed outdoors, but not without a more noticeable battery drop.

Overall, the device was ranked 15th, somewhat distant from the leader OPPO Reno 6 5G , with 146 points, but just below the iPhone 13 Pro Max among Apple devices.