iPhone 13: 5 Reasons Why You Will Love It Now

The chatter around the iPhone 13 , to all models in the range, becomes more and more full-bodied. There are more and more reports and rumors about devices. By now there are several specifications that – if confirmed – could make you immediately fall in love with the flagships arriving next September. Here are the most interesting.

iPhone 13

iPhone 13: five reasons to love it right away

Not that iPhone 12 is a bad smartphone, on the contrary – thanks to the latest Amazon offers  – it has become more attractive than ever.

However, those who decided not to change iPhone by last year, waiting for this year’s, could have several reasons to repay the wait, whichever version they decide to choose.

One of the latest rumors that emerged, for example, tells of the possibility that the Pro edition of the devices arrives with a memory cut of 1 terabyte : a huge amount of space .

Among other specifications, the possibility that the iPhone by iPhone (at least the Pro models) will be equipped with a screen equipped with a 120Hz refresh rate with low energy consumption seems increasingly certain .

Furthermore, the photographic sector of the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max could be equipped with an exceptional periscope zoom capable of competing with that of the flagships of other smartphone manufacturers. In addition, LiDAR scanner support should also be expanded for the base and mini models.

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Finally, among the most delicious features recently emerged, there would be support for WiFi 6E , a form of ultra-stable and ultra-fast wireless connectivity.

In short, a series of technical specifications, which will arrive on one or another edition of the iPhone by 2021, which could immediately make these flagships very attractive.

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