How to install driver for zopo mobile phone

How to install driver for zopo mobile phone
How to install driver for zopo mobile phone

Install driver for zopo Pilot zp100, Shining zp200, Field zp300, Libero zp500


Table of Contents


  1. Download the Driver: Zopo_USB_Driver
    for Win XP, Win 7, Vista
  2. ZOPO Mobile phone, Take off the battery( it is important, we do need to put on battery in the process of installation)
  3. USB Cable


  • Right Click Computer,
  • Select “Manage
  • Select “Device Manager
  • Connect your zopo mobile(without battery) to PC with USB cable
  • We will present “ MT65XX Preloader” with a yellow color exclamation mark under folder of Port or Other device
  • Right click this “Mtk65xx Preloader” (ps: XP system MT65xx ports fleeting, Win7 system will flash all the time. What we need to do is to capture it , then right-click, if the capture fails, disconnect the mobile, reconnect it again)
  • Select “Update driver”)
  • Choose “Install from a list or specific location (Advanced)” and “Next”
  • Choose “Brows” Select “Zopo_USB_Driver” (the driver of the file we downloaded from the website just down, please put the directory which you can find)
  • Choose the right folder according to your computer system, should your OS is win 7 choose “win7”, XP os select “2K_XP_COM
  • Click “ Next”
  • Click “Finish”. Unplug the phone

Congratulations! Install driver successfully (: