Instagram app adds two new features

The Instagram developer team is in constant turmoil and, among the many features that are added, from time to time there are also a few that are removed and this is the case with Threads.


This non-Instagram messaging service will cease to function by the end of 2021 and the app will show a specific notice to users starting November 23.

We remind you that Threads is an application reminiscent of Facebook Messenger, as it allows users to send and receive Instagram DMs with a dedicated messaging interface outside the main app, all enriched by a series of interesting features (which will be available on Instagram as soon as Threads is permanently abandoned).

Behind the decision to close this application there is not only its low popularity (apparently just over 200,000 actual users) but also Meta’s desire to unify and consolidate the various messaging services offered by the social giant.

Two news are coming for Instagram

And still speaking of this social network, in the past few hours Adam Mosseri announced on Twitter the introduction of two new features: the first is represented by the possibility of deleting a single photo from a carousel of images and the second is represented by the possibility to report a bug or problem by simply shaking your smartphone.

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The new function relating to deleting a photo from a carousel is only available for iOS users (but will soon arrive on Android as well) while the one relating to reporting bugs has been implemented only for US users but will probably be extended in the coming weeks as well to other countries. Just have a little patience.

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