Huawei launches EMUI 13 with many new features

In the past few hours, the Huawei team officially launched EMUI 13 , a new version of the customized interface of the Chinese giant, characterized by several new features and features that are so reminiscent of HarmonyOS 3 .

EMUI 13 can be considered as a sort of complete remodeling of the previous version of the interface, so much so that it should be able to guarantee users a completely new experience, as well as several features that were missing until now.

How Huawei’s interface changes with EMUI 13

Among the most interesting innovations introduced with EMUI 13 is the support for the upward scrolling gesture  for app icons, thanks to which users will have the possibility to add widgets of their favorite applications to the main screen (thus having access to related information immediately).


Another very interesting novelty is the possibility to create groups of widgets , a solution recently introduced also in HarmonyOS 3 and which has been studied by the developers of Huawei to allow users to keep the home screen “clean” and tidy.

And again, among the novelties of EMUI 13 there are the large resizable folders , with the possibility to choose between different sizes to increase accessibility.

Great attention by the team of Huawei developers has been paid to the entire ecosystem of the Chinese giant and Super Device is the solution designed to allow users to take advantage of the smartphone to manage the various connected devices.

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Among the other new features of EMUI 13 we find the improvement of the file sharing experience with SuperHub (it will be possible to send any file with a special gesture ), new features for the camera, a system of sharing music without interruptions for an experience addictive, improvements for multitasking, SuperStorage

(helps users free up to 20 GB of storage memory),

improvements for privacy and security (with special new sections dedicated to them).

We await official information from the Chinese giant to find out when EMUI 13 will begin to land on the various devices of the company.

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