HTC Desire 500 Specs Video Review Root Recovery Custom ROM

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  1. ilir.sensation says

    .i wipe my htc desire 500,
    and a flash with this two firmware .bat dosent akcept my sim card…
    i need shtock rom or costum rom for htc desire 500 one sim.
    pls sambady help me…
    (sory for my english)

    1. ilir.sensation says
      1. Love Peoples says

        this is only sys backup but i think useful is deodexed with some changes

        1. ilir.sensation says

          my verison softweare ist 1010.401.3…
          i get a air upadate Software Version : 1.10.401.8
          bat i cant install bicause i flash cwm recovery…
          how can i remove cwm recovery to install new fimare .or where to find a update in a rom ,to install manualy…
          pls hepl me…

          1. Love Peoples says

            are you getting any error ?

          2. ilir.sensation says

            this firmwares ist for dual SIM. my HTC Desire 500 ist one SIM.

  2. Love Peoples says

    try just flashing stock recover and locking bootloader

    1. ilir.sensation says

      I have flashed this stock recovery this make me a problem..then I try to install air update my phone reboot in recovery and I lost the update.I will try to relock bootloader…now I’m at work..aftertomorrow I wail try.thanks

      1. Love Peoples says

        okay waiting for your response

  3. Michal Hrušpi Huspek says

    Hey guys I need help please :/ I dont know what happens but on my HTC Desire 500 run something called host mode. So Phone isn´t connecting to computer when I connect USB and phone is chargin only if it is dead :/ i need help please

    1. Love Peoples says

      dear better way is to claim your warranty

  4. Speedy says

    I have a HTC Desire 500, but With the wrong system Language for my needs.
    It looks like it has Nordic Languages, and I would like to have russian.
    I can choose russian keyboard, but not system Language.
    Any idea what can be done?
    Software Version 1.20.401.3
    Kernel version 3.4.0-g8a4aa69
    CW Z4_U_JB412_SENSE50 HTC_Nordic_News/28388
    Thanks for put me in the right direction…

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