How to Root Huawei P8 Lite [Guide]


This guide will teach you how to Root your P8 Lite by Huawei with some easy steps.

To achieve root on p8 lite first you need to unlock bootloader ( for unlocking bootloader follow this guide ) after unlocked bootloader of p8 lite now follow steps as written below.

Root Huawei P8 Lite

Steps to follow


Requirements :

  1. USB Cable with ADB drivers setup Download p8 lite adb usb drivers
  2. Phone and PC.
  3. Root Package

Follow these simple steps

  • Download root package from below link.
  • Extract it to desktop.
  • Enable USB Debugging.
  • Connect phone with pc and setup adb interface
  • Run INSTALAR-ROOT-P8-LITE.bat from extracted folder and follow on screen instruction.
  • On successful completion your Huawei P8 Lite is now rooted. Check your root with Root checker app.

If you wish to install custom recovery now you can do this easily.


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