How to remove white background from photos with Photoshop

If you are strongly passionate about photography, you will certainly have realized when the white background can ruin your shots, standing out against a background of a different color or covering another image. The best solution to solve the problem is to know how to remove the white background from photos with Photoshop , the most famous software in the field of photo editing. The underlying logic of this procedure is totally focused on eliminating the white background which is made transparent .

remove white background

How to remove white background from photos with Photoshop:

We assume that you have already downloaded and installed Photoshop on your PC, if you have not already done so you can find the trial version on the Adobe website . Now let’s see how to make the background of a photo transparent:

  1. start the operations by starting the software and opening the photo of interest by first clicking on ” File “, item present at the top right, and then on ” Open “;
  2. the photo editing program will load the photo you intend to modify, now proceed with a click on the icon representing the eraser, located in the menu on the left;
  3. at this point a menu containing three items will appear, the one you have to select is the “ Background eraser tool ”;
  4. click on the arrow, located in the submenu. Now proceed to modify the rubber parameters: hardness, size (values ​​to be increased to the maximum) and spacing. On this last item, I suggest you leave the reset value as it is, which varies from 35% to 40%
  5. this step is the decisive one to remove the white background from photos with Photoshop . Click on the background that ruins the photo and click on the eraser icon. In a matter of seconds, the background will be erased. The timing varies from the size and weight of the photo.
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At the end of the various steps you will be ready to reuse the new photo with transparent background.

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