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How to install mtk signed drivers

How to install mtk signed drivers

Android smartphones have one unique feature called “MTK” chipsets. MTK chipsets have the ability to provide users with the fastest performance. However, in order to get the best performance, you need to install the right firmware. This tutorial will walk you through the process of installing MTK Android firmware.

MTK Firmware Installation Guide

1. How to Install MTK Firmware on your Android Smartphone

In order to make your device compatible with the MTK chipset, you need to install the latest MTK firmware.

The installation process for this can be found in the “Developer Options” menu. To access it, tap the three dots (…)

2. Download and Install MTK Firmware

Go to the official MTK website and download the firmware package for your smartphone.

The link is available below.

The package will usually be named something like “MTK_Firmware_Vxxx”.

When you download the file, you’ll find the file in a zip format.

Open the zip file using any software, such as WinZip.

3. Extract the File and Flash the Firmware

Extract the file by right clicking on the file and selecting “extract to”.

Once you’ve extracted the file, open the file manager and locate the firmware folder.

4. Flash the MTK Firmware

In the firmware folder, you’ll find the MTK firmware that matches your smartphone.

To flash the file, go to “Developer Options” and enable the “USB Debugging” option.

After enabling the option, your phone will connect to your PC via USB.

5. Disconnect the USB Cable

Now, you can disconnect the cable and restart the phone.

6. Restart Your Phone

After the phone is restarted, you should be able to access the “Developer Options” and “About Phone” menus.

If you’re able to access these options, the firmware is successfully installed.

7. Check the Firmware Version

To check the firmware version, go to “About Phone” and find the “Build Number”.

Check the version listed in the “Build Number” and find it to be V4.

You can also confirm the installation by accessing the “Developer Options” menu and checking the “Show Package” box.

8. Conclusion

MTK is a powerful technology that provides users with better performance. However, you need to have the right firmware to make it work. This tutorial has shown you how to install the right firmware for your smartphone.

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