Home pet robot Loona will touch anyone

The cute Loona robot from KEYi Tech has appeared on Kickstarter. He behaves like a pet, responds to voice commands and gestures, and also expresses his emotions with animations on the front display. In general, it looks like it came out of another cartoon from Pixar or Disney.

Loona petbot Video Overview

Loona is a nimble four-wheeled robot with a height of 172 mm and a 2.4-inch LCD screen instead of a face. It broadcasts a pair of cartoonish eyes that mimic cognitive functions and inner experiences that are very easy to believe.

Loona petbot reactions


But this is clearly not the case where it is scary to be deceived. The robotic animal can freely roam the house, respond to petting, respond to calls, fetch the ball, chase the laser pointer, do tricks, greet and follow the owners, as well as explore the surroundings, sneeze and dance. At the same time, there is no need to feed him, walk him and clean up waste products.

Loona is equipped with microphones for voice commands and cameras for face recognition and navigation, motion tracking and fall prevention. It can easily be programmed using the app.

Loona petbot price

The startup raised an impressive $1.7 million, although the original goal was only $20,000. Loona petbot price starts at $299, but the robot will go to retail for $449.

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